The Connecticut River Trophy Stretch: Update 1

Few places are as hauntingly beautiful and filled with trout as Pittsburg, NH’s Trophy Stretch.

I am up here for my 13th stay, on an annual father-daughter trip. My daughter fishes, I guide. I think I get the better part of the deal. I get to hang out with her. For those with older children, you know what I mean.

I know well the Pittsburg area. Yet, the place moves me every time for its stunning scenery, even at a bend of the road.

We arrived late Tuesday afternoon and found all the usual pullouts jammed with cars. We fished some skinny water, the B waters, that few hit. My daughter landed five before we decided to head to the lodge. That gal knows how to Euronymph.

We started yesterday morning at 8 am, which is late for us. For reasons unknown, the river today had few anglers. We hit some prime lies.

The best fish of the day, an enormous landlocked salmon, popped off just as my daughter was easing it into the net. Still, it was a great day filled with piles of brookies and rainbows. My daughter went 21-for-26. Tightlining really produced.

There has been no magic fly. With flows at a wade-friendly 150 cfs, there are plenty of anglers roaming around. The keys have been to Euronymph and to approach quietly the runs and glides. And, to find those precious few yards where there are indentations and deeper water. The trout are at those spots, stacked up.

A great trip so far.


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15 thoughts on “The Connecticut River Trophy Stretch: Update 1

  1. Hi- I’m one of your readers and up in Pittsburg as well. How do you like the flows below Murphy Dam ?

  2. Sounds like a great trip so far! I’m headed to Rangeley for a week but someday I will stay pointed North in Groveton and visit that area! Does the fishing hold up throughout the Summer?

  3. Sounds like you are having a good trip so far Jo. Thanks for the report! Are you guys exploring just the trophy section or fishing all over?

  4. taking my 29 and16 year old son with 2 16 year old friends of his June22nd for the same kind of memories staying at a Lopstick cabin

  5. Was below Murphy Dam yesterday and saw a guy across from me catch 3 very large fish and lose an even bigger one. They are in there.

    If 600 is fine for you then my hat’s off to you !

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