Three Hours

I found time to fish after running a few errands. With limited time, I returned to the Souhegan. With the lack of rain in the past few weeks, the river was quite low for this time of year. Nevertheless, the water was at a promising 63 ˚F.

Since I spotted two cars at my usual pullout, I meandered downstream to a new spot. Due to the low water, I walked downstream and looked for deeper holding water. After a little trial and error early on, I got into some fish.

Over the next couple hours, I got into a mix of brookies, rainbows, browns, and fallfish: a Souhegan slam. I lost a couple of giant fish as well.

Everywhere that looked fishy held fish. I caught most of my fish on caddis pupa, while pheasant tails and golden stones accounted for a couple. Many fish hit the caddis pupa on the rise. Despite the numerous caddis, stonefly, and black fly hatches going on, I only saw a few sporadic rises. All of the action occurred subsurface.

Perhaps the best part of the day was that most of the action occurred away from the road. I enjoyed pure solitude and some good fishing to boot. Overall, I went ten-for-seventeen. I was off the water by 7:30 pm.


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4 thoughts on “Three Hours

  1. Thanks for the update. I’ve never fished there. I almost stopped by the Souhegan on Monday on my way back from Pittsburg, but my friend had a flight to catch in Boston so I’ll save the Souhegan for another time – maybe after it rains this weekend.

  2. First time fishing there. Fished around the Macgalloway Bridge a bit, caught one nice brookie there (15″) and had a few LDRs. Fished most of the time (1.5 days) on the upper end of the Trophy Section. Lots of fishermen, very few pools. It seemed overtaxed, though it had been stocked a few weeks before. The two of us caught a dozen in two days, nothing larger than 13″. May just have been our paucity of fishing skills, but we didn’t talk to or see anyone who caught more than a few. Stopped off at the C and R section of the Newfound River and Smith River on the way home and caught 30 in two hours on midges and stoneflies.

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