A Squannacook Surprise

I fished the Squannacook briefly Friday afternoon. The river was stocked in a couple places on Thursday, and I ran into a quite a few fishermen.

Despite the number of anglers present, most of them stuck to the big pools and left a lot of water alone. The few guys I talked to reported good success. Some of them shared tactics and spots.

Damaged operculum on this bow

Higher flows made presenting my flies tough, but I got into fish after adding some weight. Streamers generated savage strikes early on, but nymphs worked for the most part.

Overall, I went three-for-eight.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the day was a lone wild brookie. Although I’ve caught many in the Squannacook’s smaller feeder streams, this was my first from the main stem.

The river and its watershed are cold-water fish resources with above average water quality, so it wasn’t an unusual find by any means.

Still, to catch it at a heavily stocked and fished section of the stream was exhilarating.


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