The CDC Caddis

Maybe, it is coincidence. Maybe, CDC really works. But, the CDC Caddis looks good and CDC really makes a fly go.

You wrap a CDC feather around the hook and add some elk hair. That’s it. I am making two versions, one with dark dun CDC and the other with pink. The latter seems to work especially well.

Here is a video:

Am loading up the fly boxes while the Arctic blast makes its way through New England.


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5 thoughts on “The CDC Caddis

  1. It is a great pattern and has supplanted my Elk Hair Caddis Patterns. Got to pay attention to the CDC feather you use though.

    1. Good to hear! I use a longer feather if possible. Or, I use a materials clip to use leftover feathers–not as ideal, but still gives that buggy look.

  2. Jo, that is a great pattern which I have enjoyed good success with, both with and without CDC. On some versions I tie in and palmer a short stiff hackle the length of the body and tie in a hackle on the thread collar as well. It floats like a cork for a good while and is good fished on its own, but also makes for a good strike indicator.

    During this cold spell I have good memories of connecting with rising trout on the elk hair or deer hair caddis. I took vacation time intending to fish, but I am tying some flies with my free time instead.


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