The Orvis Tactical Wide Gap Hook

Yesterday, I caught up with Alex.

He asked about my fishing plans for today, Saturday. I had wanted to get out in the morning and fish. But, with forecasts for prolonged freezing rain, I didn’t want to risk life and limb on desolate side streets. I’ve seen way too many wipe-outs back when I used to ski a lot.

So, I am making some flies this morning. For Winter Stoneflies/Snowflies, here is a tiny black Pheasant Tail.

I recently ordered some new hooks, the Orvis Tactical Wide Gap Hook. I like the company’s “Tactical” hooks; they’re competition-style, which I find to be very effective. They’re barbless for better hook penetration and for easier release of fish. The wide gape also makes for a higher net-to-hookset ratio.

I’ve been using the Tactical dry-fly hooks and love them and wanted to order some hooks from that series for nymphs.

When I received the hooks in the mail, they looked very appropriate for small flies. The hooks feature a 3x short shank. So, a size 16 looks more like a size 20.

So, this morning will be a day for goofing around at the vise. If I am not fishing, making flies is the next best thing.

Stay safe today, everyone!


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6 thoughts on “The Orvis Tactical Wide Gap Hook

  1. Love their “BIG EYE” hooks for tiny drys especially Griffith’s Gnats.
    Using bigger irons for smaller nymphs makes a lot of sense for getting the flies to depth and also hooking fish.

  2. If you haven’t had a chance to tie on Firehole Sticks, I actually prefer them to the Orvis tactical – and you cant beat the price for quality hooks.

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