Millers River Report

Out before dawn and home by 11 am.

I dashed off to the Millers for a quick outing, wanting to see how the river was. Last spring, the water was high and then got warm before I could spend much time there.

So, I wanted to visit it one last time before winter sets in.

I hit two spots that usually produce. Only three takes. Maybe it was due to the cold snap, but, I didn’t experience much action. I’m ok with it. I’ve had many high-volume days, and I think fly fishing is about more than catching.

Hopefully, you’ll have better luck! Enjoy the weekend, and the beauty of autumn….


7 thoughts on “Millers River Report

  1. The Swift has been slow for me lately, though I did catch a very pretty brown last night on a bead-head prince nymph. Many leaves and pine needles on the water make it a little challenging lately.

  2. Nice! I fished the bridge street area about a month ago and the takes were sparse. I hear things have gotten better since then. On Saturday, I hit the swift and there is a monster brown cruising popular stretches of the river. I hooked it and fought it for a several minutes before it snapped my line. It’s 24-30″, huge girth, and I’d guess it weighs 7 pounds. I had it three feet from me when it jumped and snapped my line, so I got a good look. Hopefully someone will land it and post a photo. I’d love to see it.

    I also lost a rubber net with a curved wooden handle and blue clip. Posting here to see if anyone stumbles upon it.

    1. Holy cow, Troutandfly, what a brown! Your heart must have been beating like a rabbit’s with that monster on! And to be so close to netting it too. What fly were you using, if I may ask? I hope your net turns up.

      Regards, Sam

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