A Short Trip

I hit a local stream on Tuesday after class. The water was low and the fish saw lots of flies. As a result, the takes were subtle. Only small flies worked. I went 3 for 6 in the two hours I was there. All freshly stocked rainbows. The same pools saw flies over and over so the “in between sections” held fish skipped by other anglers.

A private, nonprofit group called Three Rivers Stocking Association stocks the rivers in my area. They put fish over 700 fish each into the Isinglass, Cocheco, and Lamprey rivers. As a result, anglers in southern New Hampshire have a chance to fish in the fall and winter. Also, these rivers have barbless, fly fishing and artificial lure only rules in place. More information on Three Rivers can be found here.


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9 thoughts on “A Short Trip

  1. Glad you connected tonight, Ashu. With the days being so short now it is hard to find the time to get out. I hit the lower Swift for an hour…just had to get out, but had zero interest in a variety of flies from the recently stocked bows. One beautiful brookie came to net, but that was the extent of the action.

    Regards, Sam

    1. Thanks Sam! Any day out on the water is good, regardless of results. A wild brookie (even one) is good enough to get the skunk off a slow day. Tight lines!

    1. Unfortunately not, but certain rivers are open until November 30th or all year round. NH fish and game has a list of sections of river open year round.

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