Some Catching Up to Do

Sorry guys, I’ve been swamped. Between classes and other commitments, I haven’t been able to get very much sleep let alone blog. Somehow, I found time to fish.


I called an audible. My plan was to stay local and explore nearby trout streams, but my friend Matt wanted to show his dad, an experienced fly fisherman, what White Mountains had to offer. As a result, I decided to tag along.

We fished a new river on this trip. The going was tough as much of the river sat at the bottom of a 100 ft gorge, but once we found access, the fishing wasn’t. The action slowed down from the previous week. I could already see some fish starting to pair up for the spawn, but others were still feeding heavily. We brought a bunch of nicely colored brookies to hand using dries and nymphs. The males looked gorgeous with their kypes and vivid spawning hues.

Matt proudly displaying a nice wild brookie caught by his dad

After a little while, we decided to move further downstream. This section we fished flows into the Saco and houses some larger fish as a result. Here, Matt and I landed a couple nice brookies and browns. Although these were stocked fish, they displayed the same pre spawn aggression as their wild counterparts. Some even had kypes and sharp teeth. We ended our day fishing to some risers in the Saco proper, only to find out they were dace.


My roommate Pete and I explored some local water. The water was low and the fishing was tough. We each brought a few fish to hand, but some were very tiny. Any remaining plunge pools or areas with current held fish. We eventually found a set of deep pools where I coached Pete into a few nice ones. A monster of 12 in., however, still merits a return trip. Overall, despite the tough conditions, it was fun getting out and exploring. I believe that this stream has good habitat when the flows are ideal. I will be back.

The dark, tannin stained waters of this stream gave these brookies a unique coloration.

Low water.


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