At the Bench: Wire-Weighted Flies

During Saturday’s Trico fest, I had really good luck with Ed Engle’s Sunken Trico Spinner while fishing for highly-pressured trout.

Innocently small and slightly-weighted with wire, it sank gently down at slow seams and didn’t spook the fish. Engle writes that many savvy fish would rather take drowned bugs or emergers rather than dry flies up top.

So, I’ve decided to make some more dropper flies with thin wire.

Here’s the first. It is on a size 26 hook and features extra-small wire and some black dubbing. That’s it.

Let’s see if it works!


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2 thoughts on “At the Bench: Wire-Weighted Flies

  1. Nice tie. I used the Chartreuse wire also. Tying some #24 Olive/Midges now with a soft hackle partridge. Thanks!

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