A Field Guide to Mountain Streams

Mountain streams are my favorite spots to fish. While they are fairly challenging to fish due to runoff and high/discolored water at certain times of the year, they can be red hot when hit at the right time or when the right flies are used. Due to the ease of catching fish, many people assume a false sense of security when fishing these areas and that is wrong. At the end of the day, these fish are still trout and they are as wary as ever. You need to be meticulous and strategic in your presentations and approach. This video will teach you the fundamentals of small stream fishing as well as the flies and gear you should pack to ensure a fun day of the water. Hopefully it will also inspire you to get out and explore.

Next time you are in the office or stuck at home in some bad weather, I highly suggest watching this video. Forward to 5:34 to see something really cool.


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