What the Herl?

OK, bad puns aside, the good folks at Orvis have been pushing out some amazing 1-min. videos. The latest one (link here) has all sorts of interesting information about peacock herl.

I only recently have bought whole peacock tail feathers for my fly tying. I found that the ones that were already plucked and sorted into bags had a tough time wrapping at times, as they were already kinked up.

Yes, I know: Fly tying can be quite OCD-like at times. In the case of herl, I want the fibers to fold “just so” on some dry flies, particularly so when they’re small. I’m glad I bought the whole feathers, and I’m particularly grateful for the video.

Have a look at it. It’s awesome!


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2 thoughts on “What the Herl?

  1. That’s a favorite of mine. Really helps improve your understanding of how to use Herl really well. Cool stuff!

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