Update: Pittsburg, NH

Good times up here in Pittsburg, NH. The fishing has been challenging but doable.

With flows a steady and wade-friendly 150 cfs, the fish are seeing a lot of pressure. I mean, they truly are getting pounded, and we have yet to hit the holiday weekend. Spots are obvious, and the fish have seen most fly patterns.

The keys to landing fish have been the usual summer ones: Fish early before the crowds come, target broken and deeper water where the trout feel safe, and throw flies they normally don’t see. That can generate a high volume of fish.

So far, no big salmon, and the rainbows have been pretty small.

But, there are some good-sized brookies. Some are incredibly pretty.

A few are freakishly fat.

And, when the children don’t feel like fishing in inclement weather, we are finding things to do.

Have a great 4th of July weekend!


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5 thoughts on “Update: Pittsburg, NH

  1. Nice fish. From my experience it seems that everything up north is behind a couple of weeks (except for mosquitoes).

    1. Thanks!

      I think you’re spot on. The lodge owner says that the very rainy weather has dampened the Hex hatch, for example.

  2. Yes, I have a nice box of extended body drakes which hopefully will get exercised next year! Said that last year if i recall! Oh well that’s fishing!

  3. Im glad to see another good report Jo! I can confirm the crowded part. The only time I fished the trophy stretch, I was out for 2 hours mid afternoon and I got skunked. People did seem to be hooking up under Carr Rd. bridge since they stocked the night before apparently but I couldn’t squeeze in and didn’t want to fight someone for their spot. Everywhere else in Pittsburg (and really much of the North Country), I had utter solitude and the fishing was great. Just for the sake of it, I want to get catching a good fish out of the trophy stretch off my bucket list.

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