Farmington Trip

I did a trip to the Farmington. The rest of the family was out of town, and, I front-loaded to take two vacation days from work.

It was a joy again to stay at Legends. Hosts Sal and Erin are very welcoming. The room was clean and beautiful.

I landed about 10 each day, but it was weirdly inconsistent. What I mean by that is many spots that usually produced reliably did not this time. A spot that produced one day would not the next. And, nearly all the fish came to the net before 11 AM had rolled around.

It didn’t help that the water was on a downward trend going from 60 °F down to 50 °F in just two days.

I caught a few brown trout, but, this was a trip mostly about rainbows. Nearly all fought spectacularly, and so, I’m not complaining.

I stomach pumped a few fish, and they were full of midges and a few caddis. A good-sized brown dropped just before I put it in the net. But, I now know where it lives.

There was no hot fly. Production was all about finding areas where fish, for some reason or another, were willing to take. And, not spooking the fish. So, this often meant casting from up to 40′ to 50′ away.

Hope you have a good Father’s Day….


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4 thoughts on “Farmington Trip

  1. Nice job on your trifecta of Farmington trout! Beautiful pictures of them. Hard to figure why the fishing was inconsistent, but I imagine the changing water temp had a lot to do with it. What dropped the water temperature so much in such a short time? Regards, Sam

    1. Thanks! I think three things.

      1. The water from the bottom-release dam is pretty cold.

      2. No rain, which this time of year is warmer than the dam’s water.

      3. Heat wave ended. When it is really hot, the water warms up as it traverses down river. When the heat wave snapped, the water stayed cold-ish.

  2. At least the temperatures at the Farmington are optimal. The freestones in my area have warmed from mid 60’s to 75 F+ in just a matter of 1 week! Looks like I’ll have to put in some miles now….

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