HR 621 Is Withdrawn

Rep. Chaffetz, the author of HR 621, which would seek to sell/transfer 3.3 million acres of federal land, posted this a few hours ago:

Nevertheless, there’s a great deal of other legislation (or, reversal of Executive Orders) in the works. One is a repeal of the Stream Protection Rule.

So, I’m keeping my appointment with Congressman Joe Kennedy. If there is other anti-wildlife legislation you think I should bring up with him, please let me know.


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10 thoughts on “HR 621 Is Withdrawn

    1. He did, but He s a democrat, so not surprising. Not to bring in partisans, but you can pretty much tell how someone will vote on this based on that.


  1. Great to hear about this bill being withdrawn. Stream protection thing sucks. But definitely have your meeting still – I'd be curious to hear if there's anything in the works dealing with Bristol Bay… he would probably know, being a fisherman and in the house. The Pebble Mine is a disaster and with our new president and his staff's decisions on stuff like this, I'm sure that the Pebble Mine might pick up some steam soon. Time to get something together to shut this down. This should be bipartisan – the salmon fishery creates more jobs there than the mine would, And it's a complete environmental disaster.


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