Enjoying the Day

I fished the Farmington yesterday. I had my usual flies and a few new ones. My new tightline nymphing leader cast beautifully. I was adequately dressed and never felt cold. I fished hard for eight hours.

And, landed nothing.

I had one take, but that fish dropped. I thought 50 °F weather would bring out the bugs, and it certainly did. Fish were rising to winter caddis in the morning, and there were plenty of BWOs in the afternoon. I tightlined, I floated the sighter. I fished up stream and down stream. Big flies and little flies.

And, nothing.

But, what a gorgeous day. It didn’t feel like January out there, more like early March. Some buds were starting to develop on tree branches. At one point, the afternoon sun hit my body as I was casting, and enveloped me in warm and golden light.

I’ve been blessed mightily since starting to fly fish regularly a few years ago. Some epic days with piles of fish. Some beautiful scenery. Have met so many great folks on the water and via this blog.

Like other parts of life, fishing is just about showing up and letting the odds happen. Some days are productive, others less so. But, it’s always nice to be outside. Here is a great shot from Lance Egan, from Team USA. It really captures how my heart feels after being on the water.

Last light today in the canyon. #nofilter

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Enjoy your Sunday. Should be a great football game tonight.


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5 thoughts on “Enjoying the Day

  1. Getting the skunk is no fun, that is for sure. I got skunked my last three times out until yesterday when I managed just two hits, but did connect on both with two nice rainbows on a #12 pheasant tail nymph. Didn't get much action again today either with one small brookie brought to net. Winter fishing can be hit or miss I think. You'll get them next time out.

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