A Perdigón Variant

As I’ve blogged before, variant flies are highly effective on wild fish and holdovers. New stockies are easy to dupe, but highly-pressured fish are a different ball game altogether. Variants show them something they’ve not seen before

On my last outing, a good-sized brown went for a Glam Frenchie. I think it was curious more than anything. I’m often fishing Perdigón flies these days because I feel that trout rarely see them. I’m grateful to the comp. angler who in August told me about them.

Up top is a new color combination I’ll be trying next time out. A variant. Purple holographic tinsel, black wire for segmentation, a CDL tail, and an orange hotspot from Glo Brite Floss #8. Size 16 with a three millimeter tungsten bead. UV Loon Finish (Thin for the body and Thick for the bubble back) and a wing case from a black Sharpie complete the look.

We’ll see how the fish react. I really love experimenting. It is incredibly gratifying when a fish takes a variant I’ve developed.


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