Farmington Tricos: Update

I’m stunned and grateful.

I appreciate readers’ replies to my request on how to fish a Trico spinner fall. I didn’t have much luck last time out. So, I read the comments, did some online research, and tied all sorts of Trico patterns (one of them here). I awoke at 2.30 am to make sure I could hit the Farmington before dawn.

I went to the same spot last time where dozens of fish were rising to take Tricos, and I was left there in a cloud of frustration. And, wouldn’t you know: the patterns worked.

I had four takes in about eight casts, as the sky just began to brighten. I kept fishing. As dawn started, more and more fish were lining up in the runs and rising gracefully to sip bugs. I kept landing fish. As the sky brightened, I then could actually peer into the pool and see a countless number of fish hanging out. I could see when they followed my fly or ignored it. I could see every take, as a black shadow would saunter up to take my fly.


This kept going. In short order, I couldn’t believe that I had landed 14 brown trout on Trico flies during both the hatch and the spinner fall. Gradually, the action lessened. I kept fishing and got takes on the X-Caddis. As the sun hit high noon, the action stopped. The water was now at 69 °F. I had landed 21 browns. It was time to leave.

I’m a very lucky guy. Work has been pretty stressful, and so, it was great to get away and fish for a bit. Very blessed….


12 thoughts on “Farmington Tricos: Update

  1. Congrats. I saw heavy spinners around the Campground Pool but no risers. Fell back to nymphing. Any idea how much longer the hatch will go on?

    1. The six tribs that are closed are well south of where I fished. I wouldn't go south of New Hartford. Where I fished, the water in the morning was 65 degrees. When it reached 69 degrees, I stopped. If you fish below the dam, it's even colder.

  2. did u fish in peoples state forest? I am trying to plan a road trip this wednesday but i am looking for a location. I usually go to the campground pool but….

    1. I have. Some good spots there, but I haven't been there since the water levels got low. For the best G2, give a call to the good folks at UpCountry. It's a tremendous fly shop.

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