September in July?

Well, it’s been tough conditions for me out there.

I visited a local freestone, more out of curiosity. It’s a mere trickle and the water was about 75 °F. No go.

Our local and crowded tailwaters continue to be the best options. Bug hatches will be pretty sparse during the day, given the high temperatures and bright sun. Bugs won’t hatch when it’s super-bright and hot, as their wings will dessicate.

So, it’s a dawn and dusk situation for the most part. Or, you can target riffles with tightline nymphing. The fish will want to be in highly-oxygenated water with turbulence that helps cover them.

On that note, Rich Strolis, a noted author and fly tier, recently posted a great post on his blog. I agree with him that it feels like September out there: low water, few bugs, and specialized fishing techniques required.

Last, I’ve been fishing every now and again, with my “dries or die” perspective. But, I’ve reset my expectations. I’m happy to land one or two fish. I will be looking for cloudy days, if possible. I’m off the water by noon.

Still nice to get out, though.


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