Report from Pittsburg, NH

What a very fun day yesterday. The river is at a very wade friendly water flow, its temperature is around 62 °F, and there are tons of caddis and mayflies.

I’m up here at Pittsburg, NH, for my annual fishing journey to the Great North Woods. One of my children is with me. As a typical adolescent, this one prized sleeping in but joined me to fish the afternoon.

In the morning, I fished solo. Landed 20 fish by noon. The trout and salmon were strong and aggressive, and their bellies were full of caddis pupae. Some were shaped like footballs, as they were so full of bugs.

I Euro-nymphed and found the fish eager for Frenchies and emergers. The salmon were particularly strong and really put a bend on the 3-wt. Fish were rising consistently in one stretch and I hit them with a caddis dry with a caddis emerger dropper. It was pure joy to see fish rise and take a fly.

Fishing up here often slows down at noon, but fortune was with us. I served as my child’s fishing coach in the afternoon. I brought two rods, one ready for dries and the other set up for Euro-nymphing. I pointed out likely spots and did what I could to help. 10 fish came to the net including two 15″ brookies.

There was only one casualty. While walking and holding the fly rods, a dropper fly found itself into my finger

Some photos below. An epic day for us.


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7 thoughts on “Report from Pittsburg, NH

  1. Never fished this area of NH. Those are some really nice fish! Is it a tailwater that fishes well all summer?
    Congrats and have a great holiday weekend.

    1. It is! Sometimes water is low in August. You can call the folks at Lopstick or Tall Timber and they're always very willing to answer questions about fishing conditions.

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