Lopstick’s Bill Bernhardt


While fishing up in Pittsburg, NH, I ran into Bill Bernhardt of Lopstick. I can recognize him from far away. He waded downstream to leave the river and stopped to say hello.

Bill is a fly fishing guide. I’m a huge fan of his. In 2007, as a complete newbie, he taught me to fly fish. We nymphed and also threw dries to eager brookies. I became incredibly hooked into the sport.

Originally from Massachusetts, Bill moved north. He now lives up in Pittsburg and raises his family up there. He is the perennial outdoors person. He loves being outside.

Early on, I fly fished only once a year. Stayed at Tall Timber, drove up north, and worked with Bill. He sometimes taught my young children, so that I would have time to fish.

I always have a soft spot for Bill. Fly fishing had been a life-long dream, and he was the one who first took me out. He is incredibly patient and insightful. Very even keel. Bill understands that he is in a customer-service job and that his reputation is everything. Unflappable.

I’m not joking: head up to Pittsburg and fish the headwaters of the Connecticut River. As I’ve written before, the fishing is incredible. And, consider hiring Bill and his team to help you find the best spots. They’re Orvis-endorsed.

Here is a video featuring the waters up there. And, Bill is in it, too.


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