Jig Hooks

When nymphing, I tend to use barbless jig hooks.

I first heard about them from competitive fly fishing anglers, who incorporate them with slotted tungsten beads into anchor flies in a Euro-nymphing set-up. So, I bought some and fished them. I caught fish. So, I bought more sizes.

I really like this style of a hook:

  • Is incredibly sharp
  • Has a wide gape and is barbless, both of which allow for a better hook set
  • Hooks fish in the upper jaw. I’ve noticed that I almost never have a fish fall off after it takes a jig-hook nymph. Maybe the upper jaw is a better locus for hooks?
  • Rides point up, which means fewer snags and the hooks stay sharp for longer

I also use the jig-style anchor flies when indicator nymphing. They’re the bottom fly, and about 20″ above that, I attach a dropper fly.

These are really good hooks.


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