Quick Update

Orvis Dedham. It will remain open! They were able to renew their lease. Ty and Cynthia there are great, and so, if you’re in the area, say hello to them. They have great advice and also guide. 
Swift River. Ice sheet is gone from the hatchery lot. Some anglers continue to battle the cold weather and fish. Conditions vary by the day. One capable regular was skunked one day. So, wanted to share, as many of you drive long distances to get there, and so, I want you to feel that the time was worth it. It took a lot of work, but my last outing was productive. Photos of two of the fish at the bottom. It was so cold that my phone shut down for most of the outing. 
Blogging: Going forward, I will be adding some cool interviews with some experts. So, stay tuned!

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4 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. Orvis Dedham almost closed? I didn't realize it was in dire straits. That would have been a bummer. I enjoy that place a lot.

    1. +1. Great folks there who are kind, knowledgeable, and really passionate about fly fishing. Cynthia would be a great guide, IMO. She has a great vibe about her, and I'm hoping one day my wife will want to learn from her (since I'm *way* too intense).

  2. Glad to hear about the Orvis store staying open. Thanks for the updates on the Swift. I need to get out there soon.


    1. Always fun to be out there, but conditions pretty tough right now. Trout scant and sluggish. They turn "on" when the sun warms them up a bit. So, I'll be keeping an eye on the weather and trying to focus on sunny days in the 11 am to 1 pm time slot.

      Good news is that a source says that DFW may stock earlier than usual, as the roads are clear of snow.

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