Nymphing at the Swift River

I fished the Swift for about four hours and landed nine trout, all on nymphs. Lost two others. A total surprise, as I had low expectations. Nearly all of the 11 trout took a Hare’s Ear variant, size 18.

I caught fish both above and below Rt. 9. I was the eighth car in the dirt lot above the bridge–people are definitely out on the water. No evident bug hatches, and the water was a cool 38 °F.

Photos are below. The first one is of a trout about 17″ and is a grizzled veteran. Another trout, in a photo second from the bottom, was fat and full of simulium larvae.

Note that the dirt lot at the hatchery pipe area was a sheet of ice, and there were some icy patches all over the trails. So, if you go there, mind your steps. It can be treacherous. Also, I didn’t see many fish in the hatchery pipe area


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