Another Size 30 Midge Emerger Fly

I’m prepping for spring and making some flies.

It’s not a great photo up above, via my phone, but I wanted to share a shot of a midge emerger that I tie. Size 30 hook, black thread, CDC wing. Sometimes I add segmentation and a shuck, and sometimes, I do not. I’ve caught fish on both versions.

My new light and magnifier kit makes tying these flies much easier. I can actually see what I’m doing! I enjoy making the flies, for I love the challenge. I do have to work very slowly, though, as every thread wrap matters and I want a fly with a slim profile. If you want to skip the hassles, of course, you can order a bunch from Dan Trela.

I’ve been able to fish larger emerger flies on faster water or for newly-stocked trout. But, when I fish dries on very slow water or to savvy trout, the small flies do much better. Also, I just bought some 10x tippet. Hope I never have to use it!


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2 thoughts on “Another Size 30 Midge Emerger Fly

  1. Yes that fly works well at times. I find it easier to tie than some
    larger ones, probably because there is only a couple of materials needed.

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