A Year to Remember

It was a fun and educational 2015 for me. I learned a great deal about dry-fly fishing and took up fly tying. Fished in MA, CT, and NH. Fell in the water a few times, too!

I write this because I was going through some of my old blog posts and feel very grateful. Learned a lot from local anglers (e.g., Gary, Dan Trela, Bill R., Wooly Bugger George, and many others), as well as the Reddit fly fishing group.

Here are some of the most memorable moments in 2015 for me:

My favorite fish of the year was this 18″ ‘bow landed on a size 30 dry on 9x….

Most surprising fish of the year was this 15″ brown that coughed up a 4″ brookie as I slid it into the net….

Some good-sized fish during some trips to the Farmington….

A local freestone produced in the spring….

Fishing up in Pittsburg, NH, was a blast….

The Swift River was generous….

Fishing in autumn at the Farmington, Swift, and Westfield rivers was just amazingly beautiful….

Fishing in December was still fun….

Looking forward to more fishing in 2016!


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6 thoughts on “A Year to Remember

  1. Absolutely fantastic Jo! Unbelievable the success you had this season! Here's to an even better '16!


  2. Nice pics! I have been wanting to fish in Pittsburg N.H. myself.
    Could you recommend a place to stay up there?

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