‘The Dropper Adjustment’

I think many fly fishing videos make it look easy. Music is in the background, tippets don’t break, and the trout voraciously eat flies.

But, we all know there’s a lot of trial and error.

The video up top from Dave and Amelia Jensen is a refreshing change of pace. The two are talking out loud about what they’re seeing and what strategy to take. They make adjustments. Casts are imperfect.

There’s a lot of stuff in the dialogue, particularly how shortening your dropper’s length can better show a take.

It’s a good video.


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2 thoughts on “‘The Dropper Adjustment’

  1. Good video. They finally got that brown to hit with the adjustment. In your experience what is the best way to do a dropper, tied to the hook bend of the top fly, or above the bottom fly with a little off shoot of tippet?

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