Slack Casting and an 18″ Rainbow

I’m really enjoying fishing dries. Above, is an 18″ Swift rainbow that recently took a size 30 dry on 9x tippet (I ran out of 8x while fishing). A very dark fish, with a wide girth. Powerful and fat.

I am still learning how to dupe consistently such big and savvy fish with dry flies, and it’s been challenging and rewarding so far. One key I’m finding is to do slack casts (an Orvis video here). I was watching Dan Trela fish the other day and noticed that he consistently throws slack casts to minimize drag. 
I can tell you it works. That’s the type of cast that led to the trout up above.

The old timers always say: it’s about presentation, not the fly. I think I’m starting to understand better that POV.


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7 thoughts on “Slack Casting and an 18″ Rainbow

  1. I really had a lot of fun fishing across from you. That really was a beautiful fish . Nice job underneath downstream too ! Is your friend interested in Georges rod ? If not I'm gonna make him an offer ?

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