Size 30 Midge Emerger Fly

Thanks to Dan Trela, I was able to find some size 30 “big eye” Gamakatsu hooks. These hooks have been sold out nationally, and Dan was kind enough to sell some to me. The larger eyes make it easier to tie on tippet.

As we head into colder weather, the most reliable insect hatch will be midges. Painfully small midges. I used a stomach pump on one of the trout I landed yesterday and out came a big blob of super small midges, much smaller than any hook produced.

One pattern I use is in the photo above. Antron shuck, grey CDC, peacock herl, and olive-brown thread. They’re a pain to tie. If you tie midges, experiment with different materials and colors for the shuck and body materials. And, vary the bulk and length of the shuck. You never know what trout will want from one day to the next

Also, one lesson learned: take out from the bag one hook at a time. I took out two and immediately lost one. They’re that small!

But, they’re worth it. One of the biggest and darkest trout of the year for me came up top on a midge.


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