The Swift Is Stocked

The Swift has been stocked, both above and below the Rt. 9 bridge. A local expert thought about 200 trout were placed and thought it typical for an autumn stocking. So, it isn’t a torrent of a trout stocking, as is done in the spring.

The water is back to its lower flow, and the autumn winds are definitely present. Some leaves are starting to change colors.

I caught some new stockies but the most memorable fish for me were landing some veterans: two 17″ rainbows (dark, big, and likely stocked in the spring or July) and a good-sized brook trout. Two took a size 22 BWO cripple dry and the third gulped a size 28 midge emerger.

In particular, one of the rainbows was a treat. At the Y Pool. A slow day. Very few rises. I didn’t overset and break off the fish. The hook didn’t pop off. Honestly, I feel like I’ve accomplished something when I can catch a Y Pool savvy ‘bow on a dry fly I’ve made. Celebratory wine tonight.

Catching fish is always fun, but I’m finding that takes on a dry fly are a hoot. Particularly those on a dry I have made. 

Enjoy the weekend. The Patriots have a bye week, and so, it should be a tense-free Sunday.

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