Some Thoughts On Pictures

You may have noticed I almost never put any pictures on here. That’s because I almost never take pictures, so I have none to share.

When I started out, I took a picture of every fish I caught. It was fun, a way to prove that I had caught something, and it was always fun for me to look back at past photos. But somewhere along the line I stopped. I’m not sure why to be honest… Either I was just lazy, figured I didn’t need a bunch of pictures of fish, a combination of those, or something else. And taking pictures can cut into the time I’m casting!
You’ve heard the saying, “Picture or it didn’t happen!”. It’s a valid point, and if you want to prove you caught something, I suppose a picture is in order. That said, I give people the benefit of the doubt when they don’t have pictures. Some don’t. That’s cool too. Most of my PBs are completely undocumented, and although I weighed them on certified scales or measured them, I really couldn’t prove I caught them. This doesn’t bother me, I couldn’t care less whether or not people believe how I did on my latest trip. I know so that’s good enough for me.
But looking back, I kind of do wish I had pictures of some of my PBs, as nothing helps you “re-live” those memories like a picture. Even a bad picture is better than nothing… like I have a really crappy picture of my second biggest MA bass (taken on one of those disposable cameras), but I’m glad I have that.
So I’ve decided to start bringing a camera with me again when I fish. Hopefully you will see a few more photos from me on here coming up. And to clarify, I wasn’t trying to say that there is something wrong with photographing every fish you catch… in fat, this is something I actually admire in others that do it! So keep taking pictures on the water!
This was kind of a pointless post, I know. But it was on my mind and some sort of post was in order… Anybody catching? How are the rivers doing? Got any pictures to share? You know where to reach me! Tight lines! 

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3 thoughts on “Some Thoughts On Pictures

    1. Yeah, where is all the rain?! I heard there was a bad drought and when I was in MA very briefly noticed a lot of ponds were way down. Fall should be good for your streams though, with some cooler temps mixed in with (hopefully) some rain.

      And if you don't mind, shoot me an email at te*********@gm***.com. There's something I want to ask you about.


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