Simulium at the Swift?

For Labor Day, I decided to (yes, you guessed it) fish the Swift. The dirt lot at Rt. 9 was full by the time I arrived at 7 a.m, and so, I decided to fish south of the bridge. There were loads of small bugs flying around just above the surface of the water. I hoped this would be a good sign, and it was. Four of the eight trout landed today are shown above.

I walked south to the pool just above the old dam and was surprised to see a good number of trout there. I had assumed the catch-and-keep cohort did their catching-and-keeping.

I worked my way north during the morning and brought six rainbows to the net. Lost a huge brown when it went under a tree. I didn’t see many fly fishermen south of the bridge, though there were a few spin-casters.

Unlike the prior two outings, there were quite a few rising fish. They were taking emerging bugs. I stomach-pumped a few fish, and all I saw were really small bugs. Midges? Simulium larvae?

Unfortunately, my tiny CDC emerger flies weren’t small enough, or my presentations had drag; the flies received looks but no takes. So, I decided to throw other flies. Surprisingly, an Elk Hair Caddis landed a good-sized fish.

I kept fishing in the afternoon and went north of the Rt. 9 bridge and ended up at the Y Pool, which only had one other angler by the time I arrived there mid-afternoon. North of the bridge, I caught two rainbows.

The rainbows seem to be trying to pair up already. They’re sterile, but they seem hankering to give reproduction a go.  A preview of what’s to come in October.

The breezes along the Swift are most definitely becoming cooler. I actually was chilled when I ended my outing.

Happy Labor Day!


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2 thoughts on “Simulium at the Swift?

  1. Good job! I'm curious as to the size of the EHC. Was it a tiny "Swift" Elk Hair Caddis, or a "real" one?

    I was there Saturday. They liked the size 24 BWO 🙂


    PS: I owe you a report. Last time I told you I'd give you one I slept through my alarm and didn't have time to go. This time is already becoming a blur. Next time!

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