The Magic of One Trout

I woke up at dawn to fish for a few hours. Avoid the bright sun. Seek the coolness of the morning. Enjoy the beauty of a river in solitude.

I was surprised to see trout rising, and also, streaking straight up into the air to eat who-knows-what. I didn’t see anything hatching, and so, started to fish with my usual array of nymphs and emergers.

Nothing but panfish. I keep fishing. I moved up to some riffles, thinking that fish might be seeking the highly-oxygenated water there. And, the rough water would better keep me in stealth mode.

At the end of a classic seam, the line paused. The fish below came into the net. Beautiful colors, fought with determination. About 12″. It was a vibrant fish, nosing the net to try to find an escape route.

Soon, I had to go to start my day. But, I was more than happy. Sometimes, all it takes is one trout to make an outing.


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