Gear Review: Umpqua Day Tripper Fly Box

I’m all for cheap and unusually effective gadgets for fly fishing. So, I wanted to write about the Umpqua Day Tripper Fly Box.

It’s been really great. It’s waterproof, light-weight, and you can cram many more than a day’s worth of flies. It isn’t cheap at around $34, but I find it is really worth the money, for me.

The best part? There are two magnetized panels, where you can place small flies. Super handy. After dropping #32 midges in the water or putting them in slots that ruin their tails, this fly box fixes all that for me. The flies just stick to the panels.

So, when I sometimes slip and fall, I can get soaked, but my flies can still be dry and good to go!

Warmer weather is coming, Fenway Opening Day is in just a few weeks, and don’t forget to buy your state fishing license.


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