Lost and Found: Fly Box at the Swift River

I found a small brown fly box floating in the Swift River below Route 9.  There’s no name in it, but there are some nice flies.  See the picture below.

It was well-camouflaged in an eddy on the side of the river, and it looks like it may have been there for a while.  If you lost a fly box on the Swift, please get in touch so that I can return it. I called the local MA fly shops already as well. No luck yet.

I suppose this is a public service announcement to put your name and, even better, your address or a phone number on your fly boxes. If this had a name on it, this box would already be back with its owner by now!

Here’s a brookie pic from that quick trip for good measure,


6 thoughts on “Lost and Found: Fly Box at the Swift River

  1. Great brookie pic! May I forward this to a guide I know with another blog with many readers (and cliebts) who fish the Swift? I could keep you anonymous until the owner is found and needs to make contact?

    1. I defer to Jamie, but I don’t see why we wouldn’t want to share the post as widely as possible so that the fly box owner gets word?

  2. I would be totally up for that, but I just was contacted by the owner of the box. Pretty quick response once it was up on the blog! Funny as he has only fished the Swift once.

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