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When I was younger and wet behind the proverbial ears as an angler, I had trouble understanding the concept of a “fly fishing lifestyle.”

“What does that even mean?” I’d say. “Fishing is a hobby. Lifestyles are things like being philanthropic, eating healthy or rooting for the Patriots.”

I was seriously mistaken.

Thanks to my father, an avid fisherman, I learned the basics early on. I was fly fishing around Boston by the time I was 12. Fishing New England still water with sinking line and streamers, I learned to cast, retrieve and take flawless “grip and grin” photos. But, I was only scratching the surface of what fly fishing would be for me.

Developing the river-bug several years ago, I found a community in which I was eager to play a part. Through sweat equity and the help of fishing mentors, I learned to fish local rivers. Through a willingness to step outside my comfort zone, I tried new styles and fished far-away places. Through social media I have encountered cool companies and brands. But, here was the catch (pun): None of that was the true payoff.

Through fly fishing, I have become closer with old acquaintances. I have also met incredible people that I now count among my closest friends. One, Alex Bagdonas, even writes for this blog!

Yes, we are pursuing fish. That is the end-result we all hope for in this sport. But, fly fishing has so much more to offer us all: knowledge, a love of nature, exotic destinations, rewarding experiences and perhaps most of all, friendships. It’s collectively what I now understand to be the fly fishing lifestyle.

I’m chomping at the bit or, to create my own idiom, snatching at the dry fly that is contributing on I am an outgoing personality with a passion for FUN.

Consequently, you’ll find a hint of (often nonsensical) humor in my writing, as well as scattered wordplay throughout. In a world, up to its gills in formal rhetoric, I say take the scales and tippet. Life is just more fun with fish puns.

My name is Tom Robbins, and I am very excited to share my fly fishing lifestyle with you!


4 thoughts on “My Fly Fishing Lifestyle

  1. Interesting perspective on fly fishing as a lifestyle. You can’t really make that claim about other methods in the general sense that you can with fly fishing. Good read and welcome.

  2. Fly fisherman tend to be very thoughtful people by necessity.Some more out going than others.I like his perspective.

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